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Achref B.JRAD Web Designer Senior Design

By using my own name as a brand Art pro design production,
I operate as a freelance graphic designer, social media manager, motion graphics artist and website designer. I was a graphic designer for about 8 years, working in agencies, print shops, hospitals and a real estate company.
I also acquired a great deal of expertise by working in several companies.
I have already helped over 100 clients with graphic design, social media management, setting up websites or blogs and creating social media video ads...

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Things I have designed for digital media agencies


until now

Senior DesignerArt pro design

owner of art pro design company for 4 years. we offer all types of IT services such as graphic design, video, marketing and web ...


UI&UX DesignerDeksan Disayn.tr

* Print Designer: Designing materials for print, such as brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, packaging, and other physical marketing collateral.

* Focusing on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design for websites, mobile apps, and software. This involves designing intuitive and visually pleasing interfaces that enhance user interaction and satisfaction.


Graphic DesignerEurope medicine.tr

* Illustration and Icon Designer: Creating original illustrations, icons, and graphics for various purposes, such as editorial illustrations, infographics, icon sets, and custom artwork.

* Web Designer: Creating visually appealing and user-friendly designs for websites and web applications, including layout, navigation, typography, and color schemes.


Senior DesignerGlobal overseas group.tr

* Art Director: Overseeing and directing the visual style and creative aspects of a project or campaign, coordinating with other designers, illustrators, photographers, and copywriters to ensure the overall vision is achieved.


Junior Graphic Designerbeauty world.tn

* Packaging Designer: Creating attractive and functional packaging designs for products, considering aesthetics, branding, and practicality.


Junior Graphic DesignerPlus advertising Co.ly

* Brand Identity Designer: Creating and designing visual elements that represent a company or organization, including logos, color schemes, typography, and brand guidelines.


Junior Designer&Web DeveloperAletqan.ly

Advertising and Marketing Designer: Developing visual materials for advertising and marketing campaigns, including digital ads, social media graphics, banners, billboards, and email newsletters.


Trainee Graphic DesignerPlus advertising Co.ly (3 Months)

Understand the values, goals, and target audience of a brand and translate that understanding into a cohesive visual identity. They collaborate with clients to gather information about their brand, including their mission, values, unique selling points, and desired brand personality.


Trainee Graphic DesignerIB Science.tn (3 Months)

Photo Editor/Retoucher: Enhancing and manipulating photographs using various software tools, correcting colors, removing imperfections, and adjusting composition.


IT Technician SupervisorAlrawafid.ly (2 years)

* Manage the installation and maintenance of software as well as the repair of networks.

* Among other things, I gave training to the company's staff in the field of computers and the use of software such as word, excel and powerpoint...



Senior Technician in Marketing and MultimediaBTS

graduated from the Center Sectoriel de Formation en Télécommunications, Cité el Khadra -Tunisie (CSFT) with a senior technician diploma in marketing and multimedia.
grade: very good


Bachelor : of computer science. Bachelor degree

graduated from Khaznadar High School -Tunisia. with a bachelor's degree.
grade: very good

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